We provide investment management and related financial planning services, the latter as desired by you.

Investment Management

Investment philosophy

Key components of our investment philosophy are:

Investment strategy

The primary elements of our investment strategy are:

Developing the investment plan

Please see Working With Clients

Financial Planning

We provide financial planning advice on the following topics:

As part of the financial planning process we’ll ask you to complete a Client Questionnaire and Client Profile – the latter is a form setting forth your assets, liabilities, income, expenses and potential additional financial commitments (education expenses, for example) and opportunities. At your request, we’ll prepare a written outline and timeline for meeting the goals and changes contemplated by the plan. We appreciate that we’ll likely be making changes to the plan down the road … life has a way of causing us to adjust and reprioritize. We’ll help you be prepared to handle and make those adjustments.

If you need financial planning on matters beyond our core competencies (sophisticated estate or tax planning, for example), we may refer you to a professional specializing in the relevant field and of course will work with your existing professionals.